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Lesson 177 - Advanced Siddhasana  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Sun May 2, 2004 2:52pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: What is happening when I put my heel under our perineum in Siddhasana. Can it be harmful? It feels ok when I'm doing it but I have noticed my sex drive has declined or maybe more controlled. Is control of sex drive a part of the spinal breathing and Siddhasana? I just wanted to be sure I'm not cutting off blood circulation or doing anything harmful. I'm not complaining. I do feel great doing the spinal breathing, yoni mudra... It has really helped my practice!!! I feel like a new person.

A: Spinal breathing, siddhasana and other practices that cultivate our life force (sexual energy) up into the nervous system do not reduce our ability for sex. Rather they expand our use of sexual energy beyond the reproductive function, up into the awakening spiritual neuro-biology throughout our body. 

It is correct that this expanded role of sexual energy in our nervous system gives us more "control" over sex. Actually, it is less dependency we experience, and less obsessive need for sex. We finally have a choice, and we can relate to our sexual energy and our lover in much healthier ways, even as we are steadily rising into the ecstatic bliss of enlightenment in our daily life. 

Siddhasana plays a key role in this transformation. As taught in the lessons, it is a safe and healthy practice with huge long-term benefits. I have been using it with good success every day for over twenty years. 

It so happens that a new lesson on advanced siddhasana was posted today in the advanced yoga practices tantra group, covering significant enhancements that can be made to basic siddhasana by mature practitioners. It also addresses fundamental questions regarding the what and the why of siddhasana.

The lesson is "T28 - Advanced Siddhasana for Women and Men." 

All the tantra lessons can be found at: AYP Tantra Directory - Lessons in Tantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini 

It should cover your questions about siddhasana, and then some. It is okay to read it without going back to the beginning of the tantra lessons. But if you want to read more on tantra, it is suggested you start at the beginning of the archive.

It looks like you are doing very well there. I wish you all success as you continue along your chosen spiritual path.

The guru is in you.

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Note: For detailed instructions on siddhasana, see the AYP Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas book, and AYP Plus.

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