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 Yoga, Career and Money
 Spreading Truth, Yoga, through psychology
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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Feb 14 2011 :  12:48:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hello hello,

I am training to be a mental health nurse. I will soon be qualified. Originally my plan was simply to train as a mental health nurse and work, no more education. Throughout my training I have become disillusioned with the role. Though it depends on where one works, there is a lot of bureaucracy and reliance on medication, not a massive amount of therapeutic interaction. Additionally I have recently been developing a stronger and stronger pull towards quantifying the truth and beneficial effects of truth, Yoga etc etc, in order to spread to the world, in particular in relation to benefitting those with mental and physical health issues. I basically mean to get what saints, sages, seers, yogis, swamis have been saying for millennia and put it into practice to help people who would otherwise not be aware of it and concurrently to record the efficacy of truth in helping people, thereby enlightening people as-well as curing them/facilitating their recovery and concurrently showing figures displaying efficacy to those who need numbers to trust something rather than intuition or other axiomatic factors (I am aware of a growing number of people doing this, but I feel the more the merrier/better). Though I can utilize Yoga and meditation practice in my work due to the busy role of the mental health nurse (we help with housing, the mental health act, medication, leave, finance, care planning, security etc) I feel the most effective route to do this would be a doctorate in psychology.

However, I am experiencing a slight dichotomy between ideals to help others and to liberate this wave typing this right now. Study for me results in over identification with mind and I am wondering whether 4 more years of study would slow awakening when compared to simply working, coming home and being able to do my Sadhana (more and more) twice a day. A liberated soul can help liberate/spread truth much more effectively than a non-liberated soul. So this could be of more benefit??? (but then how do you benefit what is already perfect? typing this is good self inquiry) Ridiculous I know, the future is not real, essentially the one is wondering whether the one can help the one but is concerned whether this helping of the one will slow down the one from helping the one. When one puts it like that, this all seems kind of ridiculous , regardless, any advice or insights would be appreciated. Is this a valid aspiration? Everything is perfect and the one is waking up piece by piece but movement in the stillness moves the one towards more realization, if no one acted towards the spreading of truth, for example if Yogani didn't act and hadn't started AYP then would we progress? This is not my main query but can you see what I am getting at?

So in sum I am wondering whether I should go straight into work which the mind predicts/thinks would be more conducive to truth/Sadhana/awakening for this body/wave, or train further to help spread truth to help others more effectively, though either way a liberated wave can spread truth and help other waves much better than a non-liberated wave, so perhaps going straight into work would help others more, that's if more education would be less conducive to awakening? Again, essentially the one is wondering whether the one can help the one but is concerned whether this helping of the one will slow down the one from helping the one .

Any advice or insights? I would be particularly interested in Yogani's response.

Love. x


Edited by - 11jono11 on Feb 14 2011 1:06:33 PM


796 Posts

Posted - Feb 24 2011 :  9:53:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Good question, am on the very same situation. To go on with studying and comprimising spiritual practices or somehow managing both, but knowing that somehow the second is a cheat =P

To the question of the already perfection. Even if it is so, you can observe a tendency on the grossly plane that wishes for more grossly expression of that perfection, freedom and bliss aswell. And it looks like this generation of body-mind complexes have lots of translation work to do. Inner to outer translation =P

When it comes to mind based help, it is always temporarily. But it happens and more and more directs to that already best waiting to be uncovered and brought into full expression.

Yeah, some more blabla from the mind =P

What to do, worrying about choices or resting in bliss ^^

Compromising doesn't satisfy and yet it happens, so? =P Perhaps already no choice? ^^

Oh god, dissolve me in thee, fully and completly. Don't make the cheat go ong so long..

Appearing as two bubbling minds, where is the truth beyond the lines. Between between, in between, diving deep into the sublime supreme.

Coming out like no other, omg, can it be oh father? What to do and what to say, things come and go anyway. Dancing, singing, flying around, sometimes edgy, sometimes round. Whoa! god what a sound. Back in cheaty realms again, the mind just says don't worry, wayne!

And yet and yet, the heart is crying, compromising is not like flying. Free, just free, forever be. Not before, opens up the door. And let you see, lovely infinity.
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4842 Posts

Posted - Feb 25 2011 :  08:38:58 AM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Jono,
I really don't have an answer for you. But I know your answer will come to you.
And if something does come up to write later, I will post it here.

But while I was reading your words, it reminded me of Father Anthony DeMello.
Have you read any of his stuff?

If not, you may really enjoy it.

Here are a few lines from his talk "Awareness"

Is psychology more practical than spirituality? Nothing is more practical than spirituality. What can the poor psychologist do? He can only relieve the pressure. I'm a psychologist myself, and I practice psychotherapy, and I have this great conflict within me when I have to choose sometimes between psychology and spirituality. I wonder if that makes sense to anybody here. It didn't make sense to me for many years.

I'll explain. It didn't make sense to me for many years until I suddenly discovered that people have to suffer enough in a relationship so that they get disillusioned with all relationships. Isn't that a terrible thing to think? They've got to suffer enough in a relationship before they wake up and say, "I'm sick of it! There must be a better way of living than depending on another human being". And what was I doing as a psychotherapist? People were coming to me with their relationship problems, with their communication problems, etc., and sometimes what I did was a help.

But sometimes, I'm sorry to say, it wasn't, because it kept people asleep. Maybe they should have suffered a little more. Maybe they ought to touch rock bottom and say, "I'm sick of it all. " It's only when you're sick of your sickness that you'll get out of it. Most people go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist to get relief. I repeat: to get relief. Not to get out of it.

You can read the entire series of talk in that link I posted above. There are 6 parts to it
Or listen to it on YouTube (playlist):
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171 Posts

Posted - Feb 25 2011 :  2:09:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit markern's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I would go for the doctorate. The long term effekt will be the biggest that way. You can do some hands on work part time while you do your thesis and after.

I will give you a tip for a research topic. Try to "document the chakras". In the areas where the chakras are there are nerve plexuses that are much larger than in other places. Inn addition there are glands nearby. I am convinced that if you do either a meditation, pranayama or an asana practice aimed at influencing a particular nerve plexus and gland you can measure the effect. You could probably also measure the effect of increasing and decreasing chakra activity. Just look at what hormones etc. a particular gland normaly produces and measure it before and after. You could combine doing measurements on advanced practioners and beginers tos how a progression in achievable effect from slight to massive.

There was a study done in India on hyperthyroidism and related thyorid disorders that showed incredible results. I haven`t been able to find it again though but you mihgt be able to look it up.

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United Kingdom
212 Posts

Posted - Aug 07 2011 :  12:11:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hiya 11jono11

i reccomend translating your spiritual sadhana it to work for the community.

i have been working hard to cure my mental health problem through spiritual means and it is deeply rewarding for me personally.

i was considering teach meditation such as mindfulness for people who have mental health problems. I was told that generally people who are in an ill state are not that motivated and that i am a rare case.

interestingly my spiritual belief and faith in God is what i held onto throughout thick and thin, even when my cpn tried to take it away, or when i was indoctrinated by a pastor who had no faith and tried to get me to take my meds and do CBT.

i can't remember but there is a good case for allowing or promoting a balanced form of faith in these cases. the belief in the intangible yields miracles and sidesteps medical intervention which as i've said often fails.

this is a psychiatrists youtube site

this is about the energies which cause mental health problems.

commonly it's due to negative karmic choices, such as hating the creator.

let your spiritual essence guide your search for outer knowledge, let them combine, let harmony occur.



here is a link to some interesting guy who talks from a kabbalistic point of view about mental health issues.

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United Kingdom
212 Posts

Posted - Aug 30 2011 :  4:04:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I just reread my post and i feel like i owe you an apology, i've gone through this phase lately of being really self-centred, i know we all have our issues to deal with, ive been letting mine predominate.

I really hope that you can marry your spiritual desire to help people with your training as a mental health nurse.

One interesting course is the combination of mindfulness and CBT and courses being run in Bangor university to that effect.

it seems to be the only available route to join NHS based health care with modern spirituality, apart from compassion of any sort of course.

I hope to follow a similar route to you.

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