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 Member Announcements - Events, Classes & Retreats
 AYP Retreat New Jersey Dec10-12
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10 Posts

Posted - Nov 08 2010 :  12:03:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi Everyone,

Please join us for AYP retreat in New Jersey during the weekend of Dec 10th to Dec 12th at Murray Grove Retreat and Conference Center.

Shanti and Kirtanman will be leading us at this retreat.

Below are the details of the retreat.

Place : Murray Grove Retreat Center,PO Box 246,Lanoka Harbor, NJ-08734

Contact: If you would like to participate in this retreat please contact : omnmhshvay and purity

Date and Time: Dec. 10th to Dec 12th.

Rates: $200 per person, if registered by Nov 17th, otherwise $225. Max. Capacity 22 poeple

Accomodation: 11 bedrooms for two (twenty comfortable twin beds and one queen), and large shared bathrooms with 3 toilet stalls, sinks and showers in both Men’s and Ladies’ Rooms;

Getting to the Retreat Center:

List of People who plan on attending this retreat: We will update soon.

Please email to purity or omnmhshvay and let us know if you would like to sign up for the retreat or post a reply to this topic.


4 Posts

Posted - Nov 30 2010 :  3:03:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello All

Please be advised that the RETREAT is confirmed at MURRAY GROVE for Dec 10th thru Dec 12th. The Retreat will start at 10:00AM of 12/10 and will finish on 12/12 around 1pm after Lunch. Out of towners Please make your reservations for flights accordingly.

COST of the RETREAT is $175 per person. This price also included all meals.

If someone wants to attend DAY ONLY RETREATS then the cost is $60 per day and it includes all meals. Please encourage your friends and family to attend this retreat and get advantage of the presence of SHANTI and KIRTANMAN who will be leading the RETREAT.

List of people who have confirmed for this retreat are:

American Baba

Those who are still debating on attending please let us know as soon as you can!

Edited by - omnmhshvay on Dec 02 2010 8:51:59 PM
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346 Posts

Posted - Dec 10 2010 :  6:34:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit Parallax's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Enjoy the retreat this weekend.

While I can't be there in person, I will be there in Silence

Love to You All
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10 Posts

Posted - Dec 10 2010 :  7:55:49 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Though I can't physically be there as I was planning earlier, I will be there in inner silence with all of you..

Have a wonderful retreat!!
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4842 Posts

Posted - Dec 14 2010 :  6:35:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I would like to thank Omnamashivaya and her husband for organizing an awesome retreat at Murray Grove NJ over the past weekend. Everything was organized perfectly. The place and the meals were really good.
I would like to thank Purity, who originally started working on organizing this retreat, but had to back out due to other obligations. This would not have happened without you. _/\_
I would also like to thank Omnamashivaya and Rohini for doing a great job on leading the practice sessions and the question answer sessions.
And a huge thanks to the Jersey Ladies (Rohini, Omnamashivaya, Purity) for introducing and teaching their students AYP. You guys have done a great job. Really inspiring!!!

We had a wonderful retreat at Murray Grove NJ over the past weekend. There were 9 of us with 2 others who joined in for a day.

10.30 We started off with brief introductions. Gave people a few pointers on how to self pace at the retreat, not to add anything new during the retreat, not to add anything new over the next few weeks and stay a bit light in activity for the next few days and ground.

11.00 Rohini led the first practice session. There was 5 min heart centering warm-up, 10 min asanas and 5 min shavasana. Followed by 10 min spinal breathing, 20 min meditation, 10 min samyama and 10 min rest.

12.30 Lunch. We then had a 40 min walk and talk.

2.00 Our first session. It was lead by Kirtanman and me. At the previous Allentown retreat people wanted a session on introduction to self inquiry, but we did not have time to cover this. This time the Jersey ladies, who organized the retreat said it would be nice to have an introduction to Self Inquiry. Keeping up with this theme, I introduced Yogani’s Lesson 327 – The Evolutionary Stages of Mind. It was important to understand this for self inquiry to be effective. Kirtanman, and I continued with a group discussion on this.

4.00 we took a break for 30 min.
4.30 Started the second practice session. This one included the stretching as directed by Yogani in the abbreviated asana starter kit. Then the 10+20+10+10 session. Some took a walk after this for 15-20 min

6.00 was dinner. Followed by 30-45 min walk.

At 7.15 we had a question answer session lead by Rohini and me.

9.00 pm we had a 30 min kirtan session.

9.30. back to our rooms.

7.45 breakfast for those who could not do without one.
8.30 First practice session. 5 min heart centering warm-up+10 min asana+5 min shavasana + 10+20+10+10 led by Rohini. We took a 5 min bathroom break and for anyone who decided not to join in the second session of the back to back sessions to leave.
The second session was optional for the people who were sensitive and or felt like they were overloading. They had the option to sit through the session and rest or leave and take a walk and/or go back to their rooms.
We then started the second session with light stretching from Yogani’s abbreviated asana starter kit. Followed by 10+20+10+10 led by omnamashivaya.
11.00 We then took a break. Most of us took a walk.
11.15 We had a question answer session led by Rohini, omnamashivaya, Kirtanman and me.
12.00 Break for lunch followed by walk and talk and some free time.

2.00 we met for question answer session. Also introduced self inquiry and how self inquiry fits in with the evolution of the mind (30 min).
4.00 Break
4.30 3rd practice session 10+20+10+10
5.30 dinner followed by walk and talk
7.00 Session on self Inquiry techniques and how they fit in with the different stages of the mind continued. How to judge for oneself where they are and what kind of self inquiry to work with. Introduced Byron Katie “the work”, followed by presentation by Richard (Americanbaba) on Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT - very similar to the Work), followed by a few other techniques like NVC, Real love, HALT technique, shifting attention, the gap technique, Samyama and evolution and use of samyama with the different stages of the mind, right from learning samyama, to using it with other self inquiry techniques like "The Work", all the way to "I thought-who am I". Making sure everyone realized it was important to realize where they were before they added any new self inquiry technique.

9.15 15 min of kirtans
9.30 back to our rooms

Day 3:
7.45 light breakfast for anyone who needed it
8.30 first practice session. 5min heart centering warm-up+10 min asanas+ 5 min shavasana + 10+20+10+10. Lead Rohini
10.00 break +walk
10.20 handed info about the forum, after retreat support and websites for main lessons. Reminders on not to add anything new over the next few weeks and stay a bit light in activity for the next few days and grounding.
10.30 question answer session lead omnamashivaya + Rohini + Kirtanman and I
12.00 lunch.

I will write another post on retreat experiences later. Those who were at the retreat, please do feel free to post your own experiences from the retreat too.
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4 Posts

Posted - Dec 15 2010 :  11:00:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
The NJ Retreat went really well and smoothly. I would like to thank Shanti and Kirtanman for once again doing an outstanding job leading us and making it very special for everyone who attended. In talking to some of the folks who were with us it was obvious that they were very touched by the whole experience and all of them wanted to learn more. Rohini was once again the voice of the group and also our main lead for the asana sessions which she did a commendable job with. Thanks to AmericanBaba who shared his technique for "practising" Self Inquiry. Thanks to the one day participants who made it memorable with their presence. Last but not the least, thanks to all of you who participated, shared your experiences, pain points and wisdom too! We look forward to doing this all over again in the near future and this time Purity will be with us physically and in silence!

Most importantly I would like THANK Yogani for sharing his wealth with us so that we are able to come together and hope to get in touch with our inner silence!


Edited by - omnmhshvay on Dec 15 2010 11:05:40 AM
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12 Posts

Posted - Dec 15 2010 :  5:50:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you omnmshvay and your husband for excellent organizing of the retreat and a special thanks to purity for making all of us come together with her silent presence at the retreat.
Shanti: You rock girl! I love you and I have no words beyond these as words fall short thanking you. Your presence in the room was enough for me to experience the energy. But for the kiss you have given me everything and more. Just missed the girls gone wild moment!! I very much tried my best to be in the present moment though!!!
Kirtanman: You are too cool for words . Thank you for smilingly taking in all my silly words and sentences. That was the breast part...oooops sorry best part!You have a very vast knowledge in various subjects across the world.You too rock man....kirtanman! just like Bond....James Bond
Omnmhshvay:Your laugh is the best, the planning was excellent. You are a true inspiration to us.
Bina:I found a little sister in you. Live life, have fun and get enlightened!
Ruchi:Your husband and you make a good team together.
Pinakin Patel: Uncle, you are a true inspiration to all of us. I loved the way you mixed around and become a kid with us.
Helena:Girl, I love you. I wanted you to be with us in this retreat and it happened. Thank you for echoing some of my silly questions in a more correct way.
American Baba: Namaste Baba! ABCDE knowledge was really thought provoking and self inquiring. I liked our car journey with Helena.
Niranjan: Your one day presence was worth a million pictures, thank you.

Thank Yogani for providing us this wonderful platform. I would like to thank everyone for their enlightening presence and energies.

Love you all

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American Baba

37 Posts

Posted - Dec 16 2010 :  12:16:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I too want to express my gratitude to both the presenters and organizers for a wonderful retreat experience. Not only was Murray Grove an excellent location (it was quite comfortable and it even had inspirational sayings peppered around the facilities) but the arrangements afforded the opportunity to discuss multiple yogic topics with much depth. We had plenty of practice with multiple walking talks and catered meals that made grounding quite a pleasant process. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces as well as to meet some “new” folks who have been practicing AYP for varying lengths of time. Getting to know each and every participant was a true highlight of the event. I very much appreciate the opportunity to have shared the retreat with so many fine folks. Hearing of the multiple openings experiences so many have been having was quite inspirational. The Kirtan was a very nice way to wind-down for the evenings. I am convinced that there is much to be gained from the retreat experience. Yogani has suggested attending 2-4 retreats per year. I am definitely going to attempt this and hope to see you all again!
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1651 Posts

Posted - Dec 16 2010 :  8:20:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Kirtanman's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi All,

Thanks much for the kind words, fun vibes and overall positive reports! I, too, had a great time, while also feeling a very deep and profound group dynamic, as I did at the Mensch Mill retreat, as well.

Murray Grove was different on the surface, largely because of the smaller group, but the depth that comes from the shared meeting of silence, sincerity, willingness and openness by each participant, and by the entire group, was both beautiful and powerful.

It was fun, it was beautiful -- and it was full of moments that helped us all realize that what we're about here is ... real.

Thanks to all who participated!

I may have more to add later, but just wanted to "say hey" and say this, for now.



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