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 Game of Thrones: The Allegory
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Posted - Nov 17 2015 :  03:18:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Game of Thrones is an allegorical story showing literally a violent game of politics to see who can rule Westeros, yet symbolically it is showing man's internal route to enlightenment.

In the world in which Game of Thrones is set, Westeros is made up by 7 Kingdoms ruled by 7 Noble/Great houses. King's Landing is where the king/crown rules from, sitting on his Iron Throne made from 1,000 swords. The symbology here is for the 7 chakras with the crown/sahasrara chakra also being known as the 'thousand petaled lotus'.

Daenarys Targaryen entered a marriage with another kingdom's king, and after becoming a widow was distrusted and sent into his funeral pyre with some dragon eggs that were a wedding present (presumed useless because no-one had seen a dragon for thousands of years). The fire didn't harm her and the eggs hatched. From then on she became known as the 'mother of dragons' and ruled that people. This is symbolizing her as the divine feminine, the kundalini Shakti.

Daenarys is determined to take her place on the Iron Throne, yet unlike most of the other contestants, she is compelled to do so with virtuous deeds where possible. As she conquers new places, she frees all the slaves.

Hindu tradition says the kundalini Shakti is coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine. Her supreme destiny is to rise up the spine and be reunited with Shiva at the top of the head. As the energy rises, attachments/slavery to things of the lower nature are burned away.

Separating Westeros from the White Walkers (mythological race of regenerated dead people who kill everybody and regenerate them- become one of them) in the North is the Wall. It's a giant wall of ice that separates the people of Westeros from the mythological White Walkers and also the 'Free Folk'. The Free Folk are so-called because they are sovereign, they are not ruled by a man made a king.

Here, the North is the brain, where those that have raised the energy to the brain are free from the cycle of births and deaths, and from ignorance and illusion. The White Walkers, although gruesome and terror inspiring to the common Westeros people, are deeply esoteric and are symbols of ones that are spiritually "born again". The Wall is symbolic of the 'veil of ignorance', stopping the common man from seeing the spiritual truth.

Westeros is ruled by the Lannisters. This means that the seven kingdoms/chakras are ruled by the ego.

The Stark family symbolizes the ajna chakra. The Stark's run Winterfell, the closest of all major houses to the North. Eddard Stark was the King's Hand ("right hand of the Father"), the only other person permitted to sit on the Iron Throne. Everything that goes to the crown goes through Ned. Bran Stark falls and paralyzes his legs. Lacking his outward abilities, he soon finds an inner one. He can move his individual consciousness to other things and act through them. When he does this his eyes roll back to look at ajna or sahasrara chakra.

The Old Gods of the Forest is the major religion of those North of the Wall. South of the wall, the major religion is the Faith of the Seven (more sevens than the Bible!), which became dominant and kicked out TOGotF over thousands of years. This is symbolic of TOGotF being able to guide sincere seekers to the Most High- TOGotF being similar to the ancient mystery schools.

(I'm far from a GoT expert, and the plot descriptions are brief and mostly from memory, so there's bound to b some inaccuracies. These parallels are a few of the more obvious and the show is full a lot more, so if anyone wants to add then please do!)


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Posted - Nov 24 2015 :  04:54:17 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Jon Snow
Born of the father, mother unknown. Jon is the only person throughout the show to cross the Wall from Westeros to the North and survive to later descend again.
He is also arguably the most selfless of the main characters, the only one who doesn't genuinely desire power.
North of the Wall, Jon has, for the first time, sex with 'free' Ygritte in a grotto/3rd ventricle of the brain. This is symbolic of the sexual energy being transmuted into spiritual energy to be used in the brain/North of the wall.

There are a lot of hints around that, following his murder at the hands of the treacherous Knights Watch, Jon will be resurrected next series. If this happens it will reflect the death and resurrection stories of Christ, Osiris and many other divine beings.
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31 Posts

Posted - May 11 2019 :  02:49:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
A short update
We’re now halfway through the last season. Since writing a couple of years ago it’s become ever more clear that Khaleesi embodies Kundalini/Kali and Jon Snow is the embodiment of Shiva.

The previous writings were saying that the show was an allegory for the enlightenment process and the story has, up to this point, shown this to b true.

We have had Shakti (The Mother of Dragons) go to the North with Shiva (Jon Snow) and have had them both pronounce their love for one another(Parvati and Shiva) at Winterfell (was also written as representing the Ajna chakra). Also at Winterfell/Ajna chakro, Jon/Shiva rides and tames a dragon, and reveals who and what he really is to Danaerus.

According to this hypothesis here is what I think could happen:
Shiva/Jon and Shakti/Danaerus create a baby (they’ve already had sex while sailing in a boat). This baby will one day inherit the Iron Throne/thousand petalled lotus/enlightenment, but until then Khaleesi:Shakti will control things.

Jon needs to return North (“You know the north, the real North”) like Shiva on Mount Kailash. Supernatural events surround Jon so it could b dead or alive.
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31 Posts

Posted - May 20 2019 :  08:35:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Very nice finish!

When Danaerus finally gets to the Iron Throne of 1 thousand swords, Jon Snow says to her, “You are my Queen. Now and always.” He then stabs and kills her.
Her dragon, Drogon, then melts the Iron Throne by breathing fire on it.
Jon is exiled back to the Knights Watch in the North and goes North of the wall with the ‘free folk’.

This means that when the kundalini finally gets to the ‘thousand petal lotus’, it lights it up and the duality becomes unity, Shiva/Jon. Shiva then returns to the North, having found freedom.

What a great show!
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